Kate and Godrej Wedding

Kate-and-Godrej Real life weddinghe

“A modern garden party” was the vision that Katie and Godrej had come to me with.  We wanted to create an invitation that was fresh, clean and stylish.  We knew a flower was going to play a key role in the design.  At first, Katie thought a peony in a linear outline would be nice (in green), but after creating this and having a good laugh we decided that our first vision looked more like a cabbage! So, we were off to find another flower to inspire us! We looked at several options and finally decided on a spider mum - what a great choice!!  This flower was going to play a key roll in the decor and it made for an interesting and unique design.A completely custom flower illustration was brought to life from a photograph and the end result was perfect!  Much focus was given creating just the right tone for the fonts as well.  It was a very serious meeting lol, both the bride and groom had their favourites but in the end we combined all of our ideas to create just the right balance!

Katie and Godrej wanted everything to be perfect, so we made sure that all the small details for the ceremony and reception were included in their stationery package.  A large 24×36 seating chart directing guests to the tables, a ceremony program introduced their family and friends while outlining the service, menus displayed the yummy food awaiting and other touches of their stationery design floated through the garden welcoming guests as they sipped champagne and danced the night away! I was thrilled to work with Katie and Godrej, you can not meet a nicer couple and I wish them happiness for a lifetime!!  I hope in 50 years they can look back at their invitation and remember the wonderful summer day that was their wedding.  Cheers!

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